Building Your Own House

Alternative House Construction

Alternative house construction covers both the choice of primary structural materials such as general steel buildings and techniques and house construction methods for details such as exterior shutters and for different shells such as straw bale house construction. Modular prefabricated home additions and Victorian modular homes are also found here. Other construction techniques like timber frame homes; post and beam new home construction, stone house construction, and concrete block house construction are subtopics in this section. Other subjects include deck building, entry doors, and wood exterior doors, home electrical wiring, house additions, mobile home additions, and storage buildings.

Estimating Home Building Costs

Estimating Home Building Costs is important for the homeowner who requires a construction loan. If the homeowner engages a contractor to build a house of the homeowner’s design, homebuilding costs will usually be covered in part by a construction loan that is converted into a mortgage after completion of the home.

Home Loan New Construction

Home loans for new construction are replaced with mortgages after the construction is completed. Most banks require a licensed general contractor that is responsible for the construction in order to grant a construction loan. However, there are a few sources for homeowner/builder construction loans.

Homebuilding Insurance

Insurance during the construction process is important to guard against loss from construction site accidents and fire.

Homebuilding Plans

Homebuilding plans include house plans and home construction planning. Planning might include a construction checklist to insure inspections and construction jobs are scheduled and completed in a timely fashion. A building inspection checklist is used to inspect and record problems and exceptions at the end of each job and to ensure the home is ready for each inspection and for final approval by the homeowner.

House Construction Methods

House construction methods include topics like instructions for installing vinyl siding, timber pressure treatment, how to shingle a roof, exterior house painting and painting Victorian homes, how to install hardwood floors and how to refinish hardwood floors. Methods for installing fascia soffit, installing asphalt shingles, how to install house guttering and how to install vinyl siding are found both here and in the Do It Yourself Home Improvements section.

New Building Construction Products

It is important to compare new building construction products to traditional products in order to determine the cost, energy efficiency and other advantages they may offer. For instance, in comparing hardwood floors, it is important to consider thermal conductivity if you have radiant floor heating. Expanded polystyrene cornices and Styrofoam ceiling beams and Styrofoam crown molding are generally cheaper and offer more variety then cornices and beams made from other materials. Vinyl log siding is easier to maintain than conventional wood log siding.

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