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Building Your Own House

Alternative House Construction

Alternative house construction covers both the choice of primary structural materials such as general steel buildings and techniques and house construction methods for details such as exterior shutters and for different shells such as straw bale house construction. Modular prefabricated home additions and Victorian modular homes are also found here. Other construction techniques like timber frame homes; post and beam new home construction, stone house construction, and concrete block house construction are subtopics in this section. Other subjects include deck building, entry doors, and wood exterior doors, home electrical wiring, house additions, mobile home additions, and storage buildings.

Estimating Home Building Costs

Estimating Home Building Costs is important for the homeowner who requires a construction loan. If the homeowner engages a contractor to build a house of the homeowner’s design, homebuilding costs will usually be covered in part by a construction loan that is converted into a mortgage after completion of the home.

Home Loan New Construction

Home loans for new construction are replaced with mortgages after the construction is completed. Most banks require a licensed general contractor that is responsible for the construction in order to grant a construction loan. However, there are a few sources for homeowner/builder construction loans.

Homebuilding Insurance

Insurance during the construction process is important to guard against loss from construction site accidents and fire.

Homebuilding Plans

Homebuilding plans include house plans and home construction planning. Planning might include a construction checklist to insure inspections and construction jobs are scheduled and completed in a timely fashion. A building inspection checklist is used to inspect and record problems and exceptions at the end of each job and to ensure the home is ready for each inspection and for final approval by the homeowner.

House Construction Methods

House construction methods include topics like instructions for installing vinyl siding, timber pressure treatment, how to shingle a roof, exterior house painting and painting Victorian homes, how to install hardwood floors and how to refinish hardwood floors. Methods for installing fascia soffit, installing asphalt shingles, how to install house guttering and how to install vinyl siding are found both here and in the Do It Yourself Home Improvements section.

New Building Construction Products

It is important to compare new building construction products to traditional products in order to determine the cost, energy efficiency and other advantages they may offer. For instance, in comparing hardwood floors, it is important to consider thermal conductivity if you have radiant floor heating. Expanded polystyrene cornices and Styrofoam ceiling beams and Styrofoam crown molding are generally cheaper and offer more variety then cornices and beams made from other materials. Vinyl log siding is easier to maintain than conventional wood log siding.

We want to send a special thanks to Harrod Home Construction out in Paso Robles CA with this great insight into the home building industry.

How to Build a Home

It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. The same is true in homebuilding. What is most important is that you understand the process and where to begin

Most of us cannot build a home by ourselves, we need professional help. I know when my wife and I built our homes we used Building Contractors to complete the home. Our main function was to provide direction and financing, making sure that in the end, we built the home we wanted, within our budget.

Several options are available to you, to help you build a home. Where you start, when you build, is critical. To my knowledge, there are 4 major options available.

Build A Home Option # 1 – General Contracting the Home Yourself.

This is the option we chose to build our last home. We were responsible for the entire home building process. This option is the most time consuming and requires the most dedication to build a home.

You are responsible for selecting the right Home Plans, finding a Home Loan, selecting and paying Building Contractors and supervising the Home Construction. In a word, you are responsible for it all.

If you have the time and knowledge being your own GC (general contractor) will save you the most money. Anywhere from 20 to 40%. If you are considering this route I would strongly suggest investing in books on the subject to gain as much knowledge as you can.

Build A Home Option # 2 – Regional & National Owner Builder Programs

There are many of these programs available across the country. They essentially take several aspects of the home building process and wrap them up in a package to help you build a home.

These programs vary, but most of them offer House Plans, some sort of a Building Contractor list or referral service, access to Home Loans, and consultation in one form or the other. Some of them also offer discounts at various local, or national building suppliers.

The clear advantage to these programs is they will help you figure out what to do, and in what order. The disadvantage is many of them are costly, and some don’t live up to their promises.

The essential difference between National and Regional Owner Builder programs is location. You can visit one locally and meet face to face. It all boils down to which program fits your needs, and what is best for you and your family.

I would suggest you look at a minimum of three before making a choice. The more research you do up front, the better.

Prior to choosing any program you, should check references with the local BBB, and obtain a client list that you can call and check out what the actual clients have to say about the service. This is very important, don’t skip this step!

Build A Home Option # 3 – Local Building Supervisor

You can hire a Building Supervisor to build your home. They usually choose the Building Contractors, help you with your House Plans, and supervise the construction of your home on a day-to-day basis.

Normally you are responsible to pay the contractors and obtain financing. The building supervisor brings experience to your project, and if you find the right one, can be a big asset.

A good place to locate a building supervisor is at your local lumberyard or home building supply. Not at Lowe’s or Home Depot, but at the supply yards that run accounts for home builders. Generally, they will have a board set up for Building Contractors and Supervisors to put their business cards on.

Build A Home Option # 4 – Custom Builder

This is a good option for those of you that don’t have the time or knowledge to build a home. Of course, as you are probably already aware this is also the most expensive option.

Custom Builders can take you from the concept you have in mind to a completed home. They, by far, know the most about building in your area. Of course the more you know about the home building process the better.

How To Get The Best Building Construction Design

If you are planning to build a new home or commercial space you need to consider a building construction design. This will enable you to create a perspective of the profile of your envisioned construction work and will also help you estimate the quantity and the costs of the materials that you will be using.

Every new home construction will definitely need a design even if you just lifted your style from another existing structure. The same goes for those who bought ready-made homes who may want to personalize the design of their new homes by making some repairs or renovations.

You can buy a ready-made home and still put your mark in it by customizing the home design according to your specifications. Having a design made for your construction project will make the project more efficient and easier on the project engineer because he can estimate the task at hand and evaluate his accomplishment rate based on the design.

If you have a home design you can have it approved and include it in the mortgage. This will prevent you from spending more money upfront for your project but will give you the chance to implement home improvements to your liking.

The design of every construction project should not only consider the logistics of the project and the aesthetic side but it should also be more concerned with how environmentally friendly the construction is. The trend now is using sustainable materials that will last for a long time but is to cost-prohibitive. Furthermore, these materials are considered safe for the environment and your health as well.

Creating a sustainable building design will also enable you to save on energy later on when you are already occupying the building. The art of placing doors and windows in proper places where more air can enter the dwelling is an ideal characteristic of sustainable design.

A sustainable design for any building should be able to save at least 30% energy consumption compared to the traditional building design. This can be made possible through the installation of windows that filter heat, placement of air conditioners in-house parts that are not directly exposed to the sun, installation of insulation materials, and of course the use of sustainable and energy-saving materials.

The use of recyclable materials has also been recommended by those advocating for sustainable construction design. A company like We Pave Pittsburgh is a Pittsburgh asphalt paving company that specializes in recycled asphalt in a lot of their projects.

If you want a building that will be cost-effective not only during the construction phase but even after the project has been completed, then the best option is to have a building construction design. This may add up to the budget but if you calculate the savings you will get in terms of energy consumption and the benefits to your health, having a building design is very much worth it.

Important Information on Building a House

Every person on the planet needs someplace to live. You’ll be able to select from a couple of different options, naturally. People might live in apartments, houses, or huts. The main things that any home structure that you have should include are protection from the elements, from the wild animals outside the place, and from people who might intrude on you.

In today’s world, it is quite common to want to have a house all to yourself. This type of home will be completely detached from the surrounding homes, which gives you a sense of independence that you can’t find with other domiciles. However, the act of building a house can be somewhat complicated, especially if you have never gone through the process before. If you want to build a new home, however, you will be able to take advantage of the wealth of information that is out there. To learn more about constructing new houses, be sure to consider the information below.

If you have settled on the choice to build a new home, you will have to spend a little bit of time finding someone who can design the place for you. The main consultant you’ll be working in this state will be your architect. The goal of hiring some sort of architect to handle the process of designing your house will be to ensure that your house lasts for a long time. You’ll need to spend a lot of time with your chosen architect so that you can collaborate on the type of design that you’d like. When the two of you can create a design that you both are happy about, then you can feel confident that you’ll enjoy the house itself.

Once the design of the house has been picked out, you’ll then need to think about finding some kind of a construction crew. You will really want to ensure that you are working with a very experienced crew in order to get the house just the way you want. If you try to build a house without the proper team or the proper skills, the house will probably not last nearly as long as you’d like. Any construction team that you hire will be able to help you attain the perfect house.

You will be allowed to move your things into your house once you have let the construction crew complete the work on the house. Even if it takes you quite a number of years to finish up the project, it’s very important that you figure out a way to pick out a great sense of style.

What to Look For In New Home Builders

A lot of new home builders are of the opinion that in order to truly be happy in your new home you have to take your time before building even begin.

Builders are very important in the early stages of home building, since they are the ones who will build the structure on a paper into a real living environment. Following few tips should give you a bit of a head start when searching for your future home builder.

When you are on the quest to finding the best new home builders you will want to find someone who is experienced and qualified for the work. You should check, prior to your decision, that the one you attempt to hire is a legitimately registered builder. When you go for a registered builder, you will also get a guarantee that covers a percentage of such cases like failure to complete the building or loss of deposit, together with cover for materials and structure for up to several years. It is important to have a guarantee, so you can be in peace throughout the building and afterward.

Best new home builders should also incorporate special quality check procedures, which are processed by an allocated individual who carries out quality checks at various phases of the construction, to make sure that any possible problems that occur during the process of building are dealt with effectively and inexpensively. Nevertheless, you probably want the services to be top-notch since you are paying for them.

When you are searching and comparing different new home builders you should keep an eye on those with good reputation and history of many successful home buildings. One of the best and easiest ways to acquire such information is to visit the desired builder in person and see how their current project is going – if there is any at the time – or ask if you can see some of the homes they have built in the past. An additional way is to ask your friends or acquaintances if they can recommend any good new home builders, and if they do, you should visit their websites and read what their clients have to say about their work.

In case you have an engagement with a design & build sort of company, they are probably already partnered with some building company whose services they employ. This saves you from the trouble of finding a good builder or building company yourself and also offers the convenience of having all the services you need in one package deal.

Keep in mind that when looking for new home builders they will be the one building the place you will call your home – a place to relax and feel secure – so pick the most quality one and you are sure to get what you want.